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Toe Separator -Gel

Our super soft TOE SEPARATOR that protects toes from frictio.....

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Toe Spreader -Gel

Our super-soft gel wedge that corrects overlapping or pinche.....

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Toe Strip - Gel

The super soft toe ring protects your toes from pressure. T.....

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Hammer Toe Cushion-gel

The super soft cushion relieves and protects the tips of ham.....

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Corn Pad - Gel

The super soft cushion alleviates the pain caused by corns a.....

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Toe Cap - Gel

Protects and relieves toes with nail issues and corns. The .....

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Bunion Protector - Gel

The super-soft gel pad that alleviates bunion-related pain. .....

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Skin Protect - for Blisters

Pedag’s blister plaster that makes blisters disappear......

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